Style 1GH Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling 500Psi

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The heavy duty rigid coupling is designed for use in a variety of general piping applications
of moderate or high pressure services. Working pressure is usually dictated by the wall thickness and rating of the pipe being used. The couplings feature flexibility that can accommodate misalignment, distortion, thermal stress, vibration, noise and seismic tremors. The Model  can even accommodate an arced or curved piping layout

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•Style 1GH heavy duty rigid coupling provides flexible connection by the gap between pipe groove and coupling key.
•Unique design allows both axial and radial movement,suitable for pipeline with flexibility under intermediate pressure.
•Enhanced body resists 4 times working pressure.

Style 1GH Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling 500Psi

Size Specification:

Style 1GH Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling 500Psi

The Shurjoint Model Z07 is an angle-pad design rigid coupling for general piping applications where rigidity is required including valve connections, mechanical rooms, fire mains and long straight runs. The angle-pad design allows the coupling housings to slide along the bolt pads when tightened. The result is an offset clamping action which provides a rigid joint that resists flexural and torsional loads. Support and hanging requirements correspond to ANSI B31.1, B31.9 and NFPA 13. The Shurjoint Model Z07 is available with a standard “C” shaped or GapSeal gasket in a variety grades to meet your specific service requirements.

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS • Housing: Ductile Iron to ASTM A536, Gr. 65-45-12 and or ASTM A395 Gr.65-45-15, min. tensile strength 65,000 psi (448 MPa). • Surface Finish: Standard painted finishes in orange or RAL3000 red.  (Option) Grade “T” Nitrile (Color code: Orange stripe) Recommended for petroleum products, air with oil vapors, vegetable and mineral oils within the specified temperature range. Also good for water services under +150oF (+66oC). o o o o  Hot dip zinc galvanized (Optional). Temperature range: -20 F to +180 F (-29 C to +82 C). o o  Epoxy Coatings in RAL3000 red or other colors (Optional) • Rubber Gasket: Grade “E” EPDM (Color code: Green stripe) Good for cold & hot water up to +230oF (+110oC). Also good for services for water with acid, water with chlorine, deionized water, seawater and waste water, dilute acids, oil-free air and many chemicals. Not recommended for petroleum oils, minerals oils, solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons. Maximum Temperature Range: -30oF (-34oC) to +230oF (+110oC) *. *EPDM gaskets for water services are not recommended for steam services unless couplings or components are accessible for frequent gasket replacement. Do not use for HOT WATER above +150 F (+66 C) or HOT DRY AIR above +140 oF (+60 oC).  Other options: Grade “O” – Fluoroelastomer. Grade “L” – Silicone. For dry systems we recommend the use of the Shurjoint GapSeal gasket. For additional details contact Shurjoint. • Bolts & Nuts: Heat treated carbon manganese steel track bolts to ASTM A449-83a (or A183 Gr. 2), minimum tensile strength 110,000 psi (758 MPa), Zinc electroplated, with heavy-duty hexagonal nuts to ASTM A563.

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