Products Component

Products Component  Housing
Material:Ductile cast iron conforming to ASTM A-536,Grade 65-45-12
Surface Finish:Standard:Epoxy powder coating
Optional:Galvanized(Zinc Plated、HDG)Dip painted
Surface color:Variable color for choice
Rubber Gasket

The sealing mechanism of grooved couplings and mechanical outlets is basically the same,the main structure of the gasket has “C”shape,forming a triple seal function.The first seals formed by the elasticity of the gasket during the static state.After the coupling is installed,the gasket is confined by the housing of groove coupling or the mechanical outlet,the second seal is formed.Medium inside the pipe system press the “C”cavity after pressurizing ,it increases the adhesion between gasket lip and steel pipe surface,so as to achieve the third reactive seal.The greater the pressure of the fluid within the pipe,The better the sealing of the coupling.


As the manufacturer and innovator of grooved coupling technology,CNG offers a variety of coupling size and styles for almost any piping application.All grooved couplings are made up of four parts,namely housing,gasket,bolt and nut.Housing is made of ductile iron,surface finish is orange,but also for a variety of fluid piping system to provide matching color scheme;standard gasket material is EPDM,also prepared for a variety of pipeline media rubber material.The bolt’s tensile rating is class 8.8 and the nut’s rating 8.0.
CNG couplings provide pipe system with versatility not found in other pipe connection methods.CNG rigid and flexible couplings can be combined to allow for thermal growth within the system.Additionally,the use of three consecutive flexible couplings reduces noise and vibration and eliminates costly noise dampeners.
The structure of the socket type rigid coupling is compact,with the inner and outer female and male teeth,socket type,meshing design,the use of the gap between the female and male port socket combination of pipe and joint meshing to achieve the rigid requirements.
Due to the improved interface structure,it is not easy to make the gasket to produce transverse and oblique twists and turns,the positioning of the gasket is more accurate,the abnormal pressing and destructive pressure loss of the gaskets are avoided,the sealing property is increased,and the overall joint is increased service life.
The Angle-pad rigid coupling is designed to sliding rather than vertical moving when tightening the housing.So the pipe tightly stuck to form a rigid connection.The 60° diagonal sliding also forces the coupling housing keys to make double sided contact on the inside and outside edges of the groove so that axial and radial movement of the tube cannot occur and the effect of rigid connection pipe is truly achieved.No deflection after installation.
This rigid coupling allows for more accurate positioning of the tube and forming a fixed tube end separation that should be considered in the design and installation

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