Style 3L U-bolt Mechanical Tee

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● U-bolt replaces cover part,without welding,directly from the main pipe branch.

●Enhanced body resists 4 times working pressure.

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Style 3L U-bolt Mechanical Tee

The U-bolt Mechanical Tee is the ideal outlet fitting for making direct connections to sprinkler heads, drop nipples and or gauges. No need for welding, just cut or drill a hole at the desired outlet location. Position the Saddle-let so that the locating collar fits within the hole and secure with the U-bolt and nuts.The Saddle-let comes with a standard black finish or as an option can be supplied electro zinc,plated or painted orange.The Saddle-Let allows full bore flow with pressure rates to 300 PSI(20 bar) The method of pipe preparation requires the cutting or drilling of a specified hole size on the centerline of the pipe. Always use the correct hole saw size as shown in the table and never use a torch for cutting a hole. After the hole has been cut all rough edges must be removed and the area within 5/8” (16mm) of the hole should be inspected to ensure a clean smooth surface, free of any indentations or projections that could affect proper gasket sealing

Mechanical tees make retrofitting and remodeling easy because they save you the trouble of having to cut or disassemble a lot of pipe. Perhaps you need to put a new branch line to come off a fire sprinkler main. If you need the branch near the end of the run of pipe, undoing a few grooved couplings and adding a conventional tee should be easy enough. But if the branch needs to come off a central part of the network, you could have a lot of pipe to cut and move. And if you have soldered, welded, or another kind of connection instead of grooved, you could spend a lot of time and materials to disassemble and reassemble your sprinkler lines.

Size Specification

Style 3J Threaded Outlet Mechanical Tee

Function • Provides a direct branch connection at any location a hole can be cut in a pipe. Available Branch End Configurations • ® Original Groove System (OGS) • ® StrengThin™ 100 Groove system (ST-100) • Female National Pipe Thread (FNPT) • Female British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread (BSPP) • Female British Standard Pipe Taper Thread (BSPT) Application • This product provides a reduced size outlet in place of a reducing tee. NOTES • Not compatible for use on PVC plastic pipe. • Must be installed so that the main and branch connections are a true 90° angle. • Not approved for use in hot tapping applications. • May be supplied with stainless steel lower housings

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