Function and advantage of grooved fittings.

Three traditional methods to connect steel pipes,namely welding,flange connection and screw connection.
CNG grooved piping system use the grooved couplings & branch outlet fittings as the
key,supplemented by a variety of non-gasket pipe order to meet the needs of
customers,CNG also develop extended products such as grooved end valves,filters,etc.CNG will
continue to improve and optimize so that the company’s product line can fulfill demands in civil
construction,municipal and industrial fields.

CNG groove piping system is an universal,economic,safe and practical piping system
components,the installation process will not bring any pollution to the pipeline.It is an
environmentally friendly green product.

CNG groove piping system builds pipe connection on the external surface of steel pipes.The inner
diameter & interior surface of the pipe has no matter of the connection,which makes the range
of application of this product must more extended.

Products Type

CNG grooved piping system covers following categories:

Grooved coupling

Grooved couplings are designed as a ring self-centering connector,the
inner key area of the housing engages in the pipe grooves to provide a
pipe connection.When the flexible coupling is assembled in the
pipeline,a gap is formed between the pipe ends to allow axial
displacement and lateral deflection.Rigid coupling locks the pipes
directly without deflection.

Mechanical outlets

The housing of branch outlet fittings has two different parts,respectively,the outlet housing and the cover:The mechanical outlets can be composed of two outlet housing(said the mechanical cross),or one outlet housing plus one cover(said as mechanical tee).The outlet housing is designed as a self-positioning structure,to builds a branch outlet on the main pipe run.

Grooved Non-Gasket Fittings

Grooved fittings have a variety of styles,to provide flow direction turning,diamete
reducing,branching and other function.

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