The components of couplings

The CNG piping method may be used for joining a variety of piping systems for a wide variety of services.It may be utilized for varied pipe sizes,pipe materials and wall thickness.Products are available to provide rigid or flexible systems.For specific product information relating to use on varied pipe materials refer to the appropriate sections of this catalog.

As with any piping method,the nature of the method should be considered in designing the piping systems.This design data applies primarily to grooved end pipe,however,much of the information applies to other piping products used in conjunction with grooved components.

The material presented is intended solely for piping design reference in utilization of CNG products for their intended application.It is not intended as a replacement for competent,professional assistance which is an obvious requisite to any specific application.Good piping practice should always prevail.Specific pressures,temperatures,external or internal loads,performance standards and tolerances must never be exceeded.While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy.

Rubber Gasket

CNG gaskets are designed to provide life-of-the system service
A wide variety of applications.
Gasket materials are available to meet most piping applications.


Rubber Gasket Materials

As elastomer technology advanced,superior gasket materials
became available and were added to the CNG line.This allows CNG to presently offer a variety of synthetic rubber gaskets to provide the option of selecting CNG products for the widest variety of applications.
For most water system piping applications,CNG grade EPDM rubber is recommended.CNG E-grade rubber gasket material with excellent performance in anti-aging and heat resistance,the material at 125 C(257F)temperature,the material for hot air aging test,the physical properties of the basic unchanged.When the rubber in a non-air environment,such as water piping system,its anti-aging properties will be further strengthened.Since water has no deteriorating effect on the elastomer,temperature is the only limiting factor to be considered in determining the life expectancy of the elastomer in water service.The superior performance of the Grade”E”elastomer permits its use for hot water service up to +230 F/+110C.The Grade”E”gasket is superior to previous gasket materials by all performance barometers,including high and low temperature limits,tensile strength,chemical resistance and shelf life.

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